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Candles in Canada

East Coast Candles was established in 1997 as a quality maker of handmade Canadian candles. Each of our candles, wax melts, diffusers and other products are handmade in small batches. We offer several complete lines of candles and related products with over 200 scents to choose from. Many different styles and types of waxes available- including 100% natural soy wax and beeswax.

Whether it’s our signature dessert bowls that look and smell like real fruit and tasty treats, reed diffusers that give you the same great scents without having to tend to a burning candle, or favours for your special occasions – we have what you’re looking for.

Soy Candles Canada

These days many people are seeking all natural products for their homes, we feel the same. We offer a selection of soy candles made from 100% natural soy wax, and soy wax blended with carefully selected botanicals for a better performing natural wax.

Not all of our soy candles are not 100% natural including those with dye or fragrances. If you’re looking for 100% natural our Essentials line is for you. All products in our Essentials line include non-dyed 100% natural soy wax, and all natural essential oil blends.

Alternatively we offer 100% pure Canadian beeswax candles and unscented soy candles.

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Quality Hand Made Candles

We pride ourselves on the quality of our handmade candles. To ensure the best quality product we only hand pour our candles in small batches. Each new candle design is burned completely to ensure we’ve chosen the proper wick to maximize the hot scent throw, eliminate tunneling and proper flame size.

Each step of the process is done by hand, ensure the candle is poured to perfection, packaged properly and ready for another satisfied customer.

Through plenty of testing, trial and error and innovation we’ve developed a line of high quality candles priced below commercially inferior candles.

Gifts For Her

Have a candle lover in your life? We have the perfect gift idea for that special someone! A beautiful candle that looks and smells like a fresh bowl of fruit or a delicious dessert as a gift for her birthday. Choose from a large assortment of pillars in her favourite colour or scent as a thoughtful gift for Christmas.

Simmering bars or melts in hundreds of amazing scents make a lovely gift for Mother’s Day. Jars and tapers to set the mood for a special anniversary celebration. Not sure what to choose? How about a gift basket of some of our most popular items? It makes a great gift for under $50. Let us help you choose that perfect gift for her.


Handmade Canadian Candles

What do we mean by handmade Canadian candles? Although some of our scents and supplies are sourced from elsewhere, all of our wax and the majority of our raw supplies are sourced from Canada. All of our candles and products Handmade Canadian Candles - Maple Fancy Wax Melts - Gifts for her.are hand poured, prepared, and packaged in our modest shop here in Sussex, New Brunswick. The result is high quality genuine handmade Canadian candles. You can find our hand crafted candles in shops, seasonal markets and weddings.

Beautifully hand crafted candles with long lasting intoxicating aromas ! Wax bars also keep their scent much longer then many others I have tried.Lillian Lisson